They were on top of it like white on rice!

I moved from AZ 6 years ago and had to deal with something that I should have taken care of before I moved, And so I contacted learner and Rowe to deal with my case. They were on top of it like white on rice and a paper plate in a snow storm! I could not possibly be more pleased with the work Rebecca sheffield and my attorney Scott did. They whent the extant mile by contacting the judge on there own and letting them know I no longer live in Tucson, and that I’m a completely different person then I once was. So because of this I got a much better plea Barton then I could have hoped for on my own representation, I see a lot of bad reviews on here and I have no idea what these people are talking about with there negative response or results.All I can say is they whent ABOVE AND BEYOND. Thank you for reading, God bless – Chris W.