Gilbert Criminal Defense & Bankruptcy Law Firm

Gilbert Criminal Defense & Bankruptcy Law Firm

Thinking about filing for a bankruptcy in Gilbert, Arizona? Or have you or a loved one been charged with a crime? For either situation, it’s time to reach out to an affordable law firm with a dedicated team of Gilbert criminal defense lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys.

At Lerner and Rowe Law Group our law firm focuses on two distinct practice areas: criminal defense and bankruptcy. 

Call for a free case evaluation and confidential consultation with Lerner and Rowe Law Group by dialing 602-667-7777. Our top-notch group of lawyers will listen and provide clear answers to any questions that you may have about your specific predicament. If you’d rather not call, you can also reach us through this FREE online form and LiveChat feature.

Why Hire Lerner and Rowe Law Group?

Lerner and Rowe Law Group features two specialized teams of attorneys and support staff that serve Gilbert, Arizona. One team exclusively focuses on criminal defense law. The other team is 100% dedicated to handling bankruptcy cases.

Hiring a skilled attorney specialized in either criminal defense or bankruptcy law that is also familiar with Gilbert’s courts and agencies will save you time and stress by:

  1. Simplifying complex legal documents and procedures so that you will understand your options and make an informed decision.
  1. Fighting for your rights so that you won’t find yourself at a disadvantage in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.
  1. Crafting a legal strategy that will help you maximize the final outcome of your criminal defense or bankruptcy case.

Letting your lawyer handle all these tasks frees you from some of the burden and anxiety surrounding your situation, allowing you to focus on rebuilding your life. 

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What Gilbert Criminal Defense Practice Areas Do Lerner and Rowe Law Group Handle?

Here in Gilbert, the criminal defense attorneys at Lerner and Rowe Law Group have successfully served clients facing charges related to:

Sean Forrester
Sean Forrester
Criminal Defense Managing Attorney
  • Marijuana Conviction Expungement
  • Restoration of Gun Rights
  • Sex crimes
  • Juvenile defense
  • Forfeiture
  • Assault
  • Underage and juvenile crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Shoplifting
  • Burglary
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Domestic Violence
  • Solicitation
  • Prostitution
  • Arson
  • Armed Robbery
  • DUI
  • Counterfeiting
  • Fraud
  • Criminal appeals
  • Battery
  • MIP citations
  • Murder and homicide
  • Narcotic crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Kidnapping

Criminal charges throughout Arizona have harsh and lasting penalties. Our practiced lawyers will work hard to reduce charges, negotiate for lenient sentences, and/or get charges dropped entirely so that you can go back to living your normal life.

Andrew Nemeth
Andrew Nemeth
Bankruptcy Managing Attorney

Gilbert Debt Relief Help Through Bankruptcy

While the term often comes with a negative connotation, bankruptcy can actually be a lifeline for those drowning in debt. And, filing for bankruptcy will trigger the automatic stay, which immediately halts negative actions against you like wage garnishments, liens, collection calls, and more. 

But the benefits go beyond immediate relief. Bankruptcy offers a fresh start to many who file in Arizona. Once the proceedings are complete, you’ll be able to rebuild your credit and chart a new course for your financial future. 

So don’t let your debt hold you back. Instead, consult with a Gilbert bankruptcy lawyer now and get started on the road to financial rehabilitation.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer to File for Bankruptcy in Gilbert?

Whether it’s Chapter 7 or 13, a Gilbert bankruptcy attorney can help guide you through the filing process and discuss any required qualifications. Our bankruptcy team will also discuss the pros and cons so that you know which bankruptcy type would meet your current financial circumstances best.

Reach Out to the Gilbert Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense Attorneys at Lerner and Rowe Law Group

Understanding your legal options for bankruptcy and criminal defense is key. Call Lerner and Rowe Law Group for a free and no-obligation evaluation at 602-667-7777. You can also reach us via LiveChat, or through this FREE online form. We’re available any time of day or night to answer your questions in plain English, not legal jargon.