DUI Lawyers in Phoenix

The best way to avoid a DUI or DWI charge is not to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  However, if you’re charged with driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, one of the first things you will want to do is call a qualified Phoenix DUI Attorney.  We even encourage you to call a DUI Attorney from your cell phone right at the scene if it is at all possible.Lerner and Rowe Law Group DUI attorneys have represented clients accused of DUI crimes in cities throughout the State of Arizona, including: Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Arrowhead/Glendale, Scottsdale and Bullhead City.  Contact us at 602-667-7777 or fill out the form on the upper left side of the page to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with a DUI lawyer today.


Types of Arizona DUI Offenses

In Arizona, there are strict laws against DUIs that may result in jail time, forfeiture of your driver’s license, fees, increased insurance expenses, community service time, suspension from school and possibly ignition interlock devices (IIDs). A DUI misdemeanor/felony charge falls under one of these categories:

  • Administrative License Suspensions
  • DUI
  • Extreme DUI
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Underage DUI

The severity of the each charge depends on the number of previous offenses a person has been found guilty of and whether or not they are underage.  First offense DUI and underage charges usually result in less severe misdemeanor charges and administrative license suspensions.  More severe felony charges involve an intoxicated driver:

  • who has two prior DUI convictions in any state in the past seven years;
  • that is driving without a court ordered ignition interlock device in vehicle;
  • that is driving with a suspended, revoked or restricted license;
  • with a passenger younger than 15 years old.

Seven Reasons to Hire a Phoenix DUI Attorney

Seeking out an attorney is a good move after a DUI arrest. Lerner and Rowe Law Group has experienced and highly qualified Phoenix DUI attorneys to assist you throughout the multiple steps of a DUI case.

An attorney helps even the odds in and out of the courtroom by helping:

  1. prevent suspension of your driver’s license;
  2. ensure your rights are properly defended;
  3. fight for a reduction in mandatory jail time;
  4. fight termination of home confinement/detention due to malfunctioning equipment;
  5. negotiate reasonable time frames to pay fines and fees, perform community service and participate in alcohol counseling;
  6.  negotiate reduction of time requirement for vehicle ignition interlock device in vehicle;
  7. look for mistakes in how the case is being prosecuted to go after reduced charges, or dismissal of charges all together when possible.

Contact Lerner and Rowe Law Group’s DUI attorneys directly by calling 602-667-7777, or fill out the online form. Our criminal defense law firm offers affordable and reasonable payment plans on a per client, per case basis.