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What is Arson? Arson is defined as a malicious and willful criminal act of setting fire to, or exploding, property, protected lands or a structure.  Arizona arson charges are classified as felony offenses and could result in large fines, years of jail time and a permanent criminal record.

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Examples of Arson

Arson is a felony offense in the state of Arizona due to the potential to cause injuries or death. As such, most Arizona arson charges are considered to be either a Class 4 or Class 5 felony.

Examples of arson include:

• Setting property on fire to collect insurance money.
• Setting fire to forest lands.
• Causing a car, boat or building to explode.
• Setting a pet on fire.

Reckless burning charges on the other hand are usually Class 1 misdemeanor offenses; as a person did not intentionally or maliciously set fire to property, structures or land. Arson of property is also a Class 1 misdemeanor if the property is $100 or less.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Arson Charges

After a fire or explosion, trained law enforcement arson investigators thoroughly examine the burn scene to assess damage and also, look for evidence of cause. They also do further research to establish motive.

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