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Convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime and believe that your / their constitutional rights have been violated? Contact our criminal appeals attorneys directly today.

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Start a Criminal Appeal

Don’t just accept a “guilty” verdict. A Lerner and Rowe Law Group criminal appeals attorney can file an appeal or petition on your behalf and fight to get a new trial; and / or possible reduced sentence in Arizona.

What Does a Criminal Appeals Attorney Do?

A criminal appeal is a written document of new arguments that is filed by your criminal appeals attorney. They submit this appeal to a higher court requesting that a client’s initial trial court conviction be reviewed and reversed.

This request is based on the belief that there was an error made during the prior trial, which led to a conviction.  An experienced criminal appeals attorney knows what to look for in the previous trial records to help establish grounds for a retrial, dismissal or reduced sentence. There are three types of criminal appeals attorneys may file for those convicted of a criminal activity: Direct Appeal, Post-Conviction Relief Petition (PCR) and Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus.

  • Direct Appeals.  A direct appeal is filed after a person is convicted and sentenced by a trial court.  Your criminal appeals attorney will appeal your conviction and/or sentence based entirely on the records established during the trial.
  • PCR Petitions. Your criminal appeals attorney will file a post-conviction relief petition asking for “relief” from conviction or sentence based on a set of specific grounds.  These grounds center on violations of personal and constitutional rights; changes to laws that have the potential to change a previous verdict; unjust sentencing and improper court jurisdiction for specific crimes.
  • Petitions for Writs of Habeas Corpus. Your criminal appeals attorney will file a petition for a writ of habeas corpus if you are currently detained or in prison and believe that your federal constitutional rights were violated based on a legal or factual error made during the trial.  The appellate court will then determine whether or not your sentence should be reduced or overturned.

How Long Do I Have to Appeal a Conviction?

After sentencing, you only have 20 calendar days for your attorney to file a Notice of Appeals motion in an Arizona Appellate Court.  It is important to file the motion on time; otherwise you may lose your ability to file an appeal.

Once your criminal appeals attorney files the motion, the lower trial court will be notified of the appeal.  The court clerk will gather transcripts to be presented to a higher court for review.  The appeal process could take months or even years to be settled.  During this process, you or your loved one will usually remain in detention / prison.  You may then be granted a retrial, be released or it will be decided that your prior conviction stands.

Get Help with Your Criminal Appeal

Time does matter.  When you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime and you believe there has been a violation of constitutional rights, contact an experienced criminal appeals attorney as soon as possible at 602-667-7777.  A Lerner and Rowe Law Group criminal appeals attorney will fight hard to overturn your conviction or sentence as quickly as possible and get you back to your daily life.  Our criminal appeals attorneys have successfully represented clients in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa and also, Bullhead City. So, don’t wait. We look forward to helping you and also answering your questions.