5 Signs You Need an Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney

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You might think that the circumstances that surround bankruptcy always happen slowly. You might think that if it were to happen to you, you would see the signs far in advance, so that it would not come to emergency filing. However, the reality is that the need for filing for emergency bankruptcy (or skeleton bankruptcy) can happen fast. That’s where a quick bankruptcy filing can catch you, before the circumstances worsen. To file for bankruptcy quickly, you’ll need to contact an emergency bankruptcy attorney from Lerner and Rowe Law Group

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What Is an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing?

An emergency bankruptcy filing is an easier and faster alternative to the full Arizona bankruptcy process, that puts a stop to the most dramatic of consequences that are being applied to you via creditors and collections. 

To complete an emergency bankruptcy filing, you will complete the minimum amount of required forms. This is best done with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney who can guide you through the process and make sure you don’t miss anything. 

At the end of the day, emergency bankruptcy filing can mean the difference between you keeping or losing your house, car, and even more of your hard-earned money.

5 Signs You Need an Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney

Of the reasons why people may file an emergency bankruptcy, the biggest is to seek out relief from various pressures as soon as possible. This type of bankruptcy might be the best option for you if you are experiencing the following:

  1. You’re taking harassment from creditors. This often means relentless phone calls and disruptions to your life and mental health. To stop a creditor, simply reach out to an attorney at Lerner and Rowe Law Group. We will help you file your emergency bankruptcy, which immediately places an automatic stay to stop creditors.  An automatic stay halts collection activities.
  1. You’re facing pending foreclosure or repossession. Sometimes, when debt piles up, collateral may become subject to forfeiture. This might mean the loss of your house, car, or other valuable assets you have worked for and earned. 
  1. You’re experiencing wage garnishment. Did you know that creditors can skim the top off your paychecks? They can. Filing for emergency bankruptcy can stop this action.
  1. You’re fighting against overwhelming debt with no relief in sight. Each month you see the numbers. You see the payments build and build. With no expected income increase and only more expenses ahead, this is a good time to consider emergency bankruptcy filing.
  1. You face a pending collections lawsuit. No one wants to spend time in court. By contacting a bankruptcy attorney, you can start the process that may allow you to avoid a lengthy court battle.

If you are experiencing any one of the above signs, contact an Arizona bankruptcy attorney at Lerner and Rowe Law Group today. Harassment from creditors may worsen, your lifestyle may be significantly affected, and you may not be able to dig yourself out of the debt you face alone. Emergency bankruptcy is the bridge that can help you make ends meet once again.

How to File an Emergency Bankruptcy in Arizona

To file an emergency bankruptcy in Arizona, simply contact the attorneys at Lerner and Rowe Law Group. During your free case evaluation and consultation, we will walk you through all your options- from options to file an emergency bankruptcy to the full chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy processes. 

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