Arizona Criminal Defense Murder Attorney

Murder charges are some of the most severe to face.  Charged or will be charged with murder or homicide in Arizona? We suggest that you immediately contact an experienced, tough, and also aggressive murder attorney.

At Lerner and Rowe Law Group, our talented murder defense attorneys look at each criminal case with an open mind. It is our goal to make sure that any allegations you may be facing are accurate and reflect whether or not the true cause of a murder or homicide victims death was a result of self-defense, a state of mental imbalance, or was a premeditated act against another.

Are you facing murder or homicide charges? Contact our criminal defense team today through the live chat feature, call our office directly, or submit an online case review form today.  Our murder defense attorneys and violent crime lawyers are experienced at representing murder and homicide charges and will treat your case with the seriousness it deserves.

Get Help to Reduce Murder Charges

After your murder or homicide case has been evaluated, our legal team will put into action a criminal trial plan created specifically to defend your individual circumstances.  Throughout the process we will ensure protection of your constitutional rights.  Even in the most severe cases, our murder attorneys will fight to exonerate you.

Our murder and homicide defense attorneys will also work hard to negotiate a plea that reduces your violent crime charge(s) with minimal sentencing when possible.  If your murder case does go to court, we will work tirelessly to see you exonerated and proven innocent.  Murder and homicide charges we have effectively represented include:

With the help of a Lerner and Rowe Law Group murder defense attorney, you will receive the best possible counsel.  Our team has a strong legal upper hand in representing Arizona murder cases as we have an intimate understanding of defending violent crimes, as well as Arizona state and federal constitutions.

Contact an Arizona Murder Defense Attorney

Our defense attorneys and legal team are here to help you 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  Contact our knowledgeable criminal defense legal team about your murder or homicide charge by calling 602-667-7777 today.

Your case evaluation is free and also, completely confidential.  An affordable and reasonable payment plan may also reached under certain circumstances. Don’t just accept a guilty plea; get the best legal counsel possible with the help of a murder defense attorney at Lerner and Rowe Law Group.