What Is a Bankruptcy Trustee’s Job?

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Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney: What is a Bankruptcy Trustee’s Job?

Bankruptcy trustees play an important role in the bankruptcy process. Though an Arizona bankruptcy attorney is vital to the success of a bankruptcy filed in Phoenix, the trustee also matters a great deal. So, contact us today for more information.

Supervision of the Bankruptcy Process

The Chapter 7 trustee is a person appointed by the United States Trustee to examine the debtor, collect the debtor’s nonexempt property and pay creditor claims out of non-exempt property (if there is any).

The trustee oversees the administration of the case and sees that the debtor performs the required duties. The trustee receives compensation based on distribution to creditors.

Property Management

Your property is under the bankruptcy court’s protection after you file for bankruptcy. The trustee is tasked with managing this property, known as the bankruptcy estate. Though the estate remains in your possession until the trustee establishes a course of action, the trustee is responsible for its protection. For example, if another party trashes your property, the trustee is responsible for pursuing financial damages.

The Issue of Creditor Claims

The trustee also reviews creditor claims. Creditors must provide proof that you owe them a specific amount of money. If the trustee finds objectionable claims, he can demand additional evidence to prove the debt’s legitimacy. The bankruptcy court judge then decides if the claims are legitimate.

Meeting of Creditors

The trustee is responsible for holding the meeting of creditors. This brief hearing that requires you, the debtor, to answer questions pertaining to your property ownership and finances while under oath.

The Trustee’s Role in Regard to the Payment Plan

The Chapter 13 trustee is responsible for reviewing payment plans and acting as the intermediary between you and your creditors. Payments can be as little as $100 per month depending on the amount of debt owed. The specific cost hinges on your unique circumstances. The Chapter 13 trustee ensures the debtor Plan complies with the Bankruptcy Code and oversees the Plan distributions.

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