5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

So, someone just charged you with a crime. You may think this isn’t a big deal, but you should tread carefully. Prosecutors can relentlessly pursue even the most minor crimes. You don’t want to defend yourself alone, especially when your way of life is on the line. So, let Lerner & Rowe Law Group explain 5 reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney.

1. Prevents Mistakes

A criminal defense attorney is able to prevent many mistakes. For example, if the police are questioning you, you don’t want to say something that could accidentally be used against you. And remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. A criminal defense attorney makes sure you don’t say anything that could damage your case.

Criminal defense attorneys prevent other mistakes, too. For example, when it comes to filling out paperwork or following strict court procedures, they know the ropes. People not well versed in criminal defense law may have trouble navigating the turbulent waters they now find themselves in. Luckily, a criminal defense attorney acts as your life boat, safely guiding you through the emotional storm of defending your innocence.

2. Confines Scope of Punishment

Criminal defense attorneys work to make sure you do not receive an unjust punishment. This means they try their hardest to reduce the criminal charges to the bare minimum. No one should suffer a punishment that exceeds the crime, and criminal defense attorneys live by this sentiment. The primary goal of criminal defense attorneys is to get the case dismissed. However, in every case, a criminal defense lawyer will also work to confine the scope of punishment to only what is reasonable and just. You don’t want to suffer a punishment for assault when all you really did was accidentally bump into someone, for example.

3. Lowers Stress

You’ve already been charged with a crime, so the last thing you want to have to deal with is more stress. Not to worry – that’s what criminal defense attorneys are for. They lift the burdens of paperwork, following protocol, managing court dates, and presenting/negating evidence, etc. off your shoulders. In times of crisis, a helping hand is always appreciated.

4. Provides a Wealth of Knowledge

Perhaps one of the most valuable reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney is that they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. And think of it – someone charges you with a crime. What would you do next? And how would you defend yourself alone? Most people get overwhelmed and cannot fight for their innocence alone. This is why criminal defense lawyers are so valuable: they know the law. They know what steps to complete to secure a victory in the courtroom. Even a small mistake in the courtroom could ruin your case, and criminal defense lawyers don’t overlook anything.

5. Expertly Negotiates

When it does come down to a potential sentence, criminal defense lawyers often meet with the prosecutors to negotiate a deal. This is something you wouldn’t want to do yourself if you were alone. Having a criminal defense lawyer handy is valuable since they know how to negotiate a favorable result based on the specific facts of your case.

If you decide to negotiate alone, you could be in for a world of hurt. You may not know what the acceptable punishment is for your crime, so you may grossly underestimate what your sentence should be. This, of course, does more harm than good. Therefore, you should always have a criminal defense attorney present to aid with any negotiations.

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