BEST SERVICE EVER! Before I called Lerner and Rowe I had talked with another law group. They keep insisting that I come down in person for my free consultation. I set an appointment with them, but decided to give Lerner and Rowe a call. I had heard that they were one of the best. That they are. The other law group did not give me any information on my case. Only that I should go down and talk with them in person and set up my payment plan. So I gave Lerner and Rowe a call. I talked with a man named Shawn Forrester. He listened to everything I had to say about my case over the phone! Not once did I hear anything about having to make a payment. Mr. Forrester then told me he would make a couple call and see what details of my case he could find. I received a call back in no time! Mr. Forrester gave me all the details that I needed to hear. With out having to make a payment first, and over the phone. I appreciate everything he did for me. I highly recommend Lerner and Rowe to any one going through the system. Lerner and Rowe is the way to go! -J Guiterrez.