Scottsdale Revises Scooter and Biking Ordinance (And What it Means for You)

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Biking and electric scooter sharing programs are about to change in Scottsdale. With the public’s input, ordinance changes address operating and parking these vehicles. These ordinances clarify the rules and expectations that the companies who run them and the public who operate them. If you find yourself in violation of any of these and under arrest, contact the our Scottsdale DUI lawyers at Lerner and Rowe Law Group.

Revised Riding and Parking

While companies like Lime, Razor, and Bird have the most attention on them; the ordinance restricts the parking and operation of non-car motorized methods of transportation, and non-motorized ones including bicycles, mini-scooters. Note: the ordinances address these methods of transport, regardless of ownership.


Private Property & Respect: Transportation devices (whether motorized or non) can only be on private property with permission of the property owner. Of course, exceptions exist. In commercial or multi-family residential properties within common area bike racks and designated bicycle parking zones, these vehicles are allowed.

Sidewalks are for pedestrians: Primarily pedestrian areas, like public sidewalks, should remain un-obstructed, so do not park them on public areas. Electric bikes, class 3 specifically, are prohibited on sidewalks or multi use paths as well.

Proper parking: The device owner, regardless if it’s an owner or a company, must ensure proper parking is occurring in racks or designated spaces.

No Eyesores: In accordance with the previous statement, a maximum of 5 devices from the same owner may be parked within 200 feet of each other. Also, it is illegal for the devices to remain at the same location on public property for over 72 consecutive hours. If the vehicles are damaged, parked improperly or simply abandoned, the city of Scottsdale may impound them.

No More Traffic Delays: Streets with speed limits of 40 MPH or greater are no longer welcome for motorized scooters (including bike lanes).

DUIs, More Than a Threat: Scottsdale’s revised ordinance now completely prohibits riding scooters and electric bikes while under the influence of adult beverages and libations. It is unknown how the scooter DUI ordinance will be enforced. However, there are some novel aspects of the law that may give alleged violators are an edge. Consulting with a Scottsdale DUI attorney is your best chance to beat the charge. 

For a first offense DUI under Scottsdale’s new scooter ordinance, the penalties include:

  • No less than five consecutive days or more than six months in jail. Probation or suspension of the sentence is not permitted unless the entire sentence is served.
  • A fine of at least $250.
  • A term of probation.
  • Court ordered alcohol or drug screening, education or treatment.
  • Restitution to the victim of losses may be imposed.
  • Community service may be ordered.

    A DUI is a misdemeanor, and a criminal conviction will show up on background checks sometimes making it difficult find a place to rent or may limit your job opportunities.

Arizona DUI law and Scottsdale Scooters

Because the new Scottsdale scooter ordinance generally follows the state’s DUI laws, it’s recommended to consult with a Scottsdale DUI lawyer, should you be charged with riding a scooter while under the influence.

The legal limit remains 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC) within two hours of being in actual physical control of the vehicle, or having an illegal drug metabolite in your system. However, Arizona is a no-tolerance state for DUIs, meaning that you can be charged for being only “slightly impaired” while operating a motor vehicle.

EZ Reporting: Check out the Scottsdale website for more information about how to report issues as outlined by the revised ordinance.

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