What to Do & Not Do If You’re Arrested

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If you are ever arrested, our Arizona criminal defense lawyers offer the following suggestions of what to do and not do.

What You Should Do

Be Polite. If asked, politely provide your name and address. After doing so, it’s legally safe to remain silent and ask for a lawyer. Remember, whatever you say can and will used against you.

Request to Speak to an Attorney. Politely but firmly request to speak to an attorney.

Be Silent. You have the right to remain silent and do not need to answer police questions about the incident without an attorney present. It would also be wise to not overshare any details with cellmates.

Be Calm & Alert. Try not to stress too much so that you can take mental notes and remember the badge number(s) and patrol car number(s) of police officers present during your arrest.

Be Proactive. Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you are injured during your arrest. Also, take photos of any injuries and share them with an attorney.

What You Should Not Do

Do Not Run or Resist Arrest. If you try to run or resist arrest it can lead to additional charges. It also does not help your case if taken to court.

So, Do Not Give Permission to Search. Police need a search warrant to look through your personal belongings, cell phone, vehicle, home, business or private records.

Do Not Talk Back. You have the temptation to speak up and say something in your own defense out of frustration. Don’t. Remain silent and wait to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

Do Not Agree to Do Any Field Sobriety Tests. Many scientific studies have concluded that these tests set-up takers for failure.

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