Do You Have a Warrant in Arizona? 5 Ways to Find Out

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If you think you may have a warrant in Arizona, it’s crucial that you find out for sure. The legal consequences of having a bench warrant or arrest warrant issued against you can be serious, so time is of the essence. If any of the following apply to you, you may have a warrant:

  • You missed a court date.
  • You didn’t comply with a judge’s orders.
  • You violated probation or were found in contempt of court.
  • You failed to pay child support.
  • You did not attend jury duty.
  • You did not testify in a trial where you were a witness.
  • You are a suspect in a crime. 

How to Find out If You Have a Warrant in Arizona

There are plenty of services out there who will search for outstanding warrants on your behalf for a fee, but there’s no need to shell out your hard-earned money for something that in all likelihood is available to the public at no cost. You can easily do a free warrant search in Arizona using any computer with internet access.

#1: Online Warrant Search Through the Arizona Judicial Branch

Whether you think you may have a bench warrant, arrest warrant or search warrant, the Arizona Judicial Branch online Public Access Case Lookup is one of the most convenient ways to get a definitive answer for free. The online public access portal is updated each week on Fridays for accuracy.

The only information you need to research outstanding Arizona warrants is your first and last name and your date of birth. If you have an idea of which county the warrant could have been issued in, you can narrow down your search by selecting the relevant county court from the drop-down menu, but this information is optional. You can also search by case number, if you have one.

The Arizona Judicial Branch website provides case information for 177 out of the 184 courts in Arizona. Courts not included in the database can be found below:

Maricopa County

Pima County

Arizona State Level

  • Arizona Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeals – Division 1
  • Court of Appeals – Division 2

If you suspect your case involves one of the courts listed above, you can contact these courts directly for information about outstanding warrants. Many have their own online portals. Alternatively, you may want to consult an Arizona bench warrant attorney for more in-depth assistance.

In addition, note that certain case types may not be visible to the public. These include sealed cases, cases involving unserved Orders of Protection, mental health and probate cases, victim and witness data, juvenile delinquency case information, and charges stemming from local ordinance violations.

#2: Call the Arizona Department of Public Safety

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) has a phone line dedicated to locating warrants for individuals. All you have to do is provide your first and last name and your date of birth, and you should be able to find out then and there if you have any warrants and if so, which county issued them.

You can contact the Arizona Department of Safety warrant line by calling 602-223-2233.

#3: Call the Criminal Court Administration Information Desk

The centrally-located Maricopa County Judicial Branch of Arizona also has a phone line to help facilitate a free warrant search in Arizona. You can contact the Criminal Court Administration Information desk by calling 602-506-8575. You’ll need to provide your first and last name and date of birth. Note: This phone line only has access to felony warrants within Maricopa County.

#4: Contact Local Law Enforcement

free warrant search in Arizona

This method is discouraged by our criminal defense attorneys as direct contact with the investigating agency can lead to unwanted consequences. Nonetheless, depending on where you reside in Arizona (or more specifically, where a warrant in Arizona may have been issued), there may not be a wealth of public information online regarding outstanding warrants and criminal cases. 

If you are unable to find any information using the three methods above, you do have the option of calling local law enforcement to find out if you have any warrants. While you can also ask about warrants in person at your local law enforcement office, it is not recommended for obvious reasons—if you do, in fact, have a warrant in Arizona, you could be arrested on the spot.

#5: Work With An Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to finding out if you have a warrant in Arizona, consulting with an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney is also a great option for many reasons. Criminal defense lawyers are constantly in contact with local and state courts on behalf of their clients and know how to get the most accurate information in the quickest way possible. 

Once you’ve determined the status of your warrant, an attorney can help you decide what to do next to take care of your legal matter swiftly and thoroughly. Often the remedy is to have a criminal lawyer file a motion to quash the warrant. 

You Have a Warrant in Arizona. Now What?

If you discover via the Public Access Case Lookup that you have one or more warrants, you should act quickly. Warrants do not expire in the state of Arizona, so trying to fly under the radar won’t resolve your problem. A routine traffic stop could easily reveal that you have a warrant, leading to an arrest.

The best thing to do after you’ve discovered you have a warrant in Arizona is to seek legal counsel. While the matter may seem small, left unchecked it can create serious consequences, including jail time, additional charges, hefty fines and fees, and revocation of probation. 

 Lerner and Rowe Law Group offers free consultations to all prospective clients, with no obligation to hire us. Contact us today to learn more about your legal options, including the possibility of quashing the warrant altogether.

Have a Warrant in Arizona? Get Immediate Legal Help From Lerner and Rowe Law Group

If you have learned of an outstanding warrant in Arizona, whether it be through a background check for work or by finding the warrant online, you’ll need to act fast to quash the warrant and avoid being arrested. The criminal defense attorneys at Lerner and Rowe Law Group can get your warrant quashed and give you peace of mind knowing  that any unwanted contact with law enforcement will not lead to an arrest.

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