How to Quash a Warrant in Arizona

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Arizona bench warrants are often issued following a missed court date in Arizona, failure to comply with a judge’s requirements, violating court rules, or otherwise being found in contempt of court. Bench warrants can also be issued for failing to pay child support, attend jury duty, or testify as a witness in a trial. Arizona arrest warrants, on the other hand, are issued when someone is a suspect in a crime. 

Both arrest warrants and bench warrants are serious and should not be ignored. You may think that your only choice is to avoid the law or turn yourself in and go to jail. But with the help of an arrest warrant lawyer or an Arizona bench warrant attorney, you may be able get the warrant quashed, avoid jail time, reduce your sentence, or have the charges against you dropped.

Arizona bench warrants

Quashing Arizona Warrants

In the legal system, a motion to quash a bench warrant or arrest warrant essentially reverses the court’s previous decision to issue the warrant, essentially nullifying it. How a warrant can be quashed depends on the circumstances surrounding the warrant and the type of warrant issued.

How to Quash Arizona Bench Warrants

In order to quash an Arizona bench warrant, you’ll want the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer to help you file a motion. The motion to quash must include sufficient information justifying why you did not adhere to the court’s order. 

For example, if your involvement in a serious car accident while on your way to court or if a death in the family was responsible for your failure to appear in court, a judge will likely approve a motion to quash the warrant issued. However, it is important to file the motion as soon as possible to avoid being arrested.

Until you appear in front of a judge or file a motion to quash Arizona bench warrants, your name will remain on a national database and you will remain at risk of being detained and arrested. A bench warrant attorney can appear in court on your behalf, file all the necessary paperwork, and maintain an open line of communication with the court.

How to Quash Arizona Arrest Warrants

Arizona arrest warrants are slightly more complicated than Arizona bench warrants because they always involve a criminal charge. You can still file a motion to quash a warrant based on the same reasons as those listed above—if you did not knowingly miss your court date, i.e., if the court summons was sent to the incorrect address or an emergency kept you from attending. 

For serious criminal charges, often the only way to clear your criminal arrest warrant is to self-surrender to law enforcement. An Arizona arrest warrant lawyer can help coordinate a seamless surrender and advocate on your behalf. You may be released on your own recognizance or be permitted to post bail depending on the charges against you.

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Arizona arrest warrants and bench warrants must be dealt with in a swift and efficient manner to help you avoid jail time, additional charges, and higher court fees. Contact a criminal defense lawyer at Lerner and Rowe Law Group today to get immediate help quashing your outstanding warrants in addition to strategic legal advice.

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