2023 Big Game and WM Phoenix Open Common Arrests

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2023 Big Game and WM Phoenix Open

A million people are expected to visit the Phoenix Valley through February 12th to attend a 2023 Big Game event in Downtown Phoenix and/or to check out the WM Phoenix open in Scottsdale. With that many people in attendance, local and federal law enforcement agencies have decided to amp up their presence to help mitigate potential crimes. 

It also means that our Phoenix-based criminal defense lawyers are on-call 24/7 to help defend the rights of those who may end up being accused or cited with a crime. Most recently, we’ve received calls from people who were unaware that they could be arrested at a 2023 Big Game and WM Phoenix Open event for the following reasons. 

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Is it Illegal to Solicit/Pay for Sex in Phoenix?

Unlike Nye County in Nevada, solicitation and/or payment for sex is a crime in Arizona. Per Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3214 it is unlawful for any person to knowingly engage in prostitution.

In this context, solicitation/prostitution is defined as “engaging in, or agreeing to, or offering to engage in sexual conduct under a fee arraignment with any person for money or any other valuable consideration.”

Our criminal lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of cases in Phoenix and Scottsdale courts. This experience means that we are familiar with the court’s staff, procedures, and judges so our team can be counted on to provide a strong legal defense if you should need it while participating in any 2023 Big Game and WM Phoenix Open activities.

Can I Get Arrested for Getting into a 2023 Big Game or WM Open Bar Fight in Arizona? 

Yes, you can. Under Arizona law a bar fight could be considered an assault crime. More specifically, assault is defined as a person intentionally or knowingly causing any physical injury to another. 

To put this in better context, on the evening of Monday, February 6th, Phoenix police officers responded to reports of a fight occurring outside the Footprint Center in downtown Phoenix. During that disturbance, one woman was cited for assaulting a man, and one man received several charges to include aggravated assault on police officers.

Should you or a loved one face allegations or charges for assault after attending a 2023 Big Game and WM Phoenix Open activity, our criminal defense lawyers know several potential defense strategies that can be used to successfully defend against an assault charge.

Can I Get a DUI in Arizona for Sleeping off a Few Drinks in My Car?

Yes, you can. Why? Arizona DUI and DWI laws state that it is not only illegal for anyone to be under the influence of alcohol while driving, but also while in “actual physical control” of a vehicle. 

Simply put, if you entered a vehicle and sat in the driver’s seat to “sleep it off,” while in  possession of the keys, the state would argue you were in actual physical control of the vehicle. However, with the help of a criminal defense attorney, it can be argued that you were not in actual physical control. 

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