2023 Big Game and WM Phoenix Open Common Arrests

Lerner & Rowe Law Group 2023 Big Game and WM Phoenix Open

A million people are expected to visit the Phoenix Valley through February 12th to attend a 2023 Big Game event in Downtown Phoenix and/or to check out the WM Phoenix open in Scottsdale. With that many people in attendance, local and federal law enforcement agencies have decided to amp up their presence to help mitigate […]

Does Hiring a DUI Lawyer Make a Difference?

Lerner & Rowe Law Group Benefits of a DUI lawyer

We’d like to point out a few reasons why the grass is greener with a DUI attorney at your side. More specifically, why hiring an DUI lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of an Arizona DUI case.

How Do I Find a Good Arizona DUI Lawyer?

Lerner & Rowe Law Group

When you’ve been charged with a DUI, you should find an Arizona DUI lawyer to defend you in court. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is an often necessary step to navigate the complexities of the justice system. As Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country, you’ll want to do your research […]

Get Your AZ License Back after a DUI

Lerner & Rowe Law Group Get Your AZ License Back

Two of the most common concerns a driver may have after a DUI in Arizona is how long their driver’s license will be suspended and how to get their license back. The primary factor that will determine how and for long your driving privileges are suspended and when driving privileges can be reinstated in Arizona […]

How Will an Arizona Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Lerner & Rowe Law Group Arizona speeding ticket

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), driving too fast for conditions or exceeding lawful speed is the number one cause of traffic accidents throughout the state. In 2020, nearly 16% of all car crashes resulted because of a speeding driver. Despite those statistics, many people are surprised by just how many Arizona speeding […]

Tips on Surviving Bankruptcy in Arizona

Lerner & Rowe Law Group surviving-bankruptcy-in-Arizona

Whether you’ve just filed for bankruptcy, or you’re on the fence trying to figure out if bankruptcy is right for you, you’ll benefit from reading the following tips on surviving bankruptcy in Arizona.    By doing so you’ll gain insight into how to identify and organize your debt,  how a bankruptcy may impact your life, as […]

After an Arizona DUI: What Are Your Chances of Getting it Dismissed?

Lerner & Rowe Law Group Arizona DUI dismissal

In Arizona, it can be a challenge to get a DUI charge dismissed, especially since the state has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. However, it is not impossible to have an Arizona DUI dismissed with the help of a DUI attorney from Lerner and Rowe Law Group. If you’ve been charged […]

What To Do With Credit Cards Before Filing Chapter 7?

Lerner & Rowe Law Group credit cards and chapter 7 bankruptcy

You might be wondering what happens to your credit cards when you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Can you still use credit cards? Before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must know when to stop using your credit cards and what to do with them as the process continues. Filing for bankruptcy is stressful. It’s daunting […]

What You Need To Know About Your License After DUI In Arizona

Lerner & Rowe Law Group license after a DUI in Arizona

DUI in Arizona can result in jail time, fines, community service, losing your driver’s license, felony charges, among other penalties. The length of time your license may be suspended following a DUI arrest is determined by the specifics of your case. In some circumstances, action can be taken to reduce or mitigate the length of […]

How Not to End Up in Jail This Fourth of July

Lerner & Rowe Law Group Fourth of July Attorney

Nothing puts a damper on celebrating American freedom like criminal charges. But for hundreds of Phoenix residents, that’s exactly what they’ll be facing during Fourth of July celebrations this year. With all the DUIs and illegal fireworks, the Fourth of July is a busy day for law enforcement. Depending on your plans for the holiday, […]