Armed Robbery in Arizona

Armed Robbery Penalties in Arizona
There penalties for Armed Robbery charges vary in Arizona.

Any Robbery charge in Arizona is a felony. A Robbery or Armed Robbery charge is a serious allegation because it is a “person” crime as opposed to just a property crime.

Robbery is different from a burglary in that a robbery charge deals with conduct committed against a person whereas burglary deals with the taking of property from a structure or location.

Because Robbery, Armed Robbery, and Aggravated Robbery are severe charges you should consult with a Phoenix criminal defense attorney to review your case for possible defenses and to explore means to minimize the consequences of a potential conviction.

To understand Armed Robbery, you must first understand the elements of a basic Robbery charge.

Basic Robbery in Arizona

Standard Robbery occurs when, in taking property or services from another person, a person uses force or the threat of force. The theft could be attempted or actual, and the threat of force can be physical, verbal, or even implied.

What is Armed Robbery in Arizona?

According to A.R.S. §13-1904, a person commits Armed Robbery if, in the course of committing Robbery as defined in section 13-1902, such person or an accomplice:

  1. Is armed with a deadly weapon or a simulated deadly weapon; or
  2. Uses or threatens to use a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument or a simulated deadly weapon.

So, What’s the Difference between Robbery and Armed Robbery?

A person commits a Robbery when they use force or the threat of force to take property from another person. Robbery is a class 4 felony. The charge elevates to Armed Robbery when the person uses or threatens the use of a weapon to commit the Robbery.

Armed Robberies receive more severe punishment than most theft crimes, not only because they involve a weapon, but also because they are involve a victim of actual or threatened violence.

What is Aggravated Robbery?

Aggravated Robbery is a class three felony, and is more serious than standard Robbery. Under A.R.S. §13-1903, “Aggravated Robbery” occurs when a person has an accomplice present during the course of committing the Robbery.

What are the Penalties for Armed Robbery?

Armed Robbery in Arizona

An Armed Robbery in Arizona is classified as a “Dangerous Offense.” Which means if convicted the person is facing an enhanced sentence.

  • 1st Offense – 7 to 21 years in prison;
  • 2nd Offense – 4.5 to 28 years in prison;
  • 3rd Charge – 10.5 to 35 years in prison;

The possible penalties for armed Robbery conviction are serious. Even if you don’t have prior convictions, you could end up in prison.

Contact a Phoenix Criminal Lawyer if you have been Charged with Robbery, Aggravated Robbery or Armed Robbery.

It is important to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney who has the knowledge and skill to address all legal and factual issues in your case. For example, your defense team can use several defenses to challenge a Robbery charge. Including there was no threat of force or that the involved weapon was not “deadly” or “dangerous.”

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